Company Background

  • Established in Jakarta on December, 10 2001
  • The main focus in providing and managing outsource of manpower
  • Currently handled + 12,000 (twelve thousand) Outsource Employees in various outsource positions that spread all over Indonesia which more than 70% were assigned to the Banking industries

Legal Document

  • Company Deed of Establishment (Akte Perusahaan)
  • Clearance by the Ministry of Law (Pengesahan Kehakiman)
  • Permanent Trading License (SIUP)
  • Company Registration Certificate (TDP)
  • Certificate of Company Domicile (Surat Keterangan Domisili Usaha)
  • Operational Oursourcing of Manpower License from Misnistry of Manpower (Surat Ijin Operasional dari Disnaker)
  • Taxpayer Registration Number (NPWP)
  • VAT Collector Number (PKP)


  • Outsource employee is Asset
  • Widening and expanding the role of oursourcing company in Indonesia
  • Improving human resources to become more qualifed, quality, and productive to support operational of the Clients
  • Help Clients to more focus in the development of their main business by take over the burden of Oursource employees.

Gandaria 8 Office Tower